sites I like

A lot of the work I do is online, and from my time on here I find some really great websites that are worth sharing. Below are my top picks that you’ll hopefully find enlightening and enjoyable to read as well.

Gear Junkie
Gear Junkie has some great product reviews and up-to-date news articles from around the world of outdoors and trail fitness, among other things.

The GearCaster
The GearCaster has some great product reviews, trip reports, and stories from the field.

The Dirtbag Diaries
The Dirtbag Diaries is a podcast talking about everything from tales of near death experiences on a mountain, to what the best beer for a trip is. Sometimes fun, sometimes a more serious tone, always great.

The Adventure Blog
This blog run by Kraig Becker has some of the most up-to-date news from the world of the outdoors and extreme sports, as well as good info on gear reviews and the like. Updated almost every day.

America Y’all
A husband and wife duo sharing their photos from different National Parks and other wild places. Beautiful landscapes and funny stories, always a good time.

Patagonia + Ebay = Common Threads Partnership
This is a great site to buy and sell gently used Patagonia clothing. Basically, Patagonia doesn’t want people buying their clothing new unless they absolutely have to. It’s a great idea to be a part of, and I would suggest looking there for your new outdoor clothing needs.

If you like following ultrarunning at all, this is the place to get the latest info on all the races (Hardrock 100 for example). They also have product reviews and other blog articles from time to time.


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