Green Table

DSCN0674As I was driving down highway 160, I could see the towering heights of Mesa Verde to the South. Designated a National Park in 1906 by President Roosevelt, one can only imagine what living back then must have been like. Farming on top of the cliffs that they called home, life wasn’t too bad. Water was abundant from the underground springs which helped them make the clay that made up their houses.

Despite the great location, the cliff houses of Mesa Verde were abandoned in the late 1200s. The only things that are left in Mesa Verde are the elegant baskets, beautiful pottery and some glyphs on the cliff face walls. Despite how advanced their civilization was, there are no written records from that time.

I close my eyes as I stand among the dust, ruins and other tourists. I can feel the sweat dripping off my brow and imagine living among the Anasazi people, working together with the hard working men and women. Since the conditions are tough year round everyone pitches in together to make sure things run smoothly. An older man with a hat that says Arizona on it bumps into me and the vision disappears, just like the Anasazi people did so long ago.

But the ruins remain, and shall remain for years to come.

By James Kennedy


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