10K Training Update

Hello all. It’s been roughly a month since my previous post, and in it I stated that I had started training for a 10K coming up this September. Well, surprisingly enough I’m still on track.

A month ago I could barely run one mile without having to walk some of it. This morning I ran 4.02 miles in 45 minutes and 3 seconds. This is hardly a fast pace, granted, but for me it’s astounding. In the entirety of my life the furthest I’ve run is a 5K, so anything beyond that is akin to conquering Everest (although with all the new ladders and scandals on that mountain this could be a bad correlation).

In my month of training I’ve made a couple of life changes such as: revamping my diet, going to bed earlier and cutting out coffee. My diet now consists of spinach, almonds and other nuts (mainly almonds), chicken, salmon, toast and chunky peanut butter, dark chocolate if I was a good boy, eggs and chocolate milk. It probably doesn’t seem like much, and for those of you that have been eating healthy for a long time are probably laughing at my small grocery list, but it’s a start.

Going to bed earlier has helped me in more ways than one. Not only am I getting up with time to run, I haven’t been late into the office, and I’m more focused on my work throughout the day. Most of my friends are night owls however, so my social time isn’t exactly what it used to be!

We live in a world full of addictions, and coffee is just another one of those. It tastes great, but when we depend on it for waking up and concentrating every single day – instead of just a couple times a week – it can be more detrimental than helpful.

I’ve been running in a pair of Nike Frees 3.0 for when I’m on the road instead of the trail, which happens to be most days, and I’ve been really happy so far. I’ll do a product review after a couple more months. I can say already that I like the zero drop provided by these shoes compared to my Salomon XR Mission and the drop those have, which I believe are a 2.

Race Info
Just so you all get the info, I also signed up with for the Anywhere 5K Trail Run that’s happening this weekend. If you’re not aware of what this is, it’s basically to motivate people to go run a 5K wherever they are so that they’re still able to be a part of the running community at large, even if they can’t afford the often hefty prices of entering a race. Also, if you enter (and there’s still time) you’ll have the chance to win their swag bag! Ooooooo. 😉


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