Out Of The Norm

It’s amazing what a little thing like a snow flurry can do for people. We get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that everything starts to dull around us. Some may turn to unnatural things to give them variety, but I’m preferring a more natural method to break the monotony of life.

Dogs playing in the snowLet’s take a look at snow. Each flake is made up of tiny little ice crystals, and the amazing thing is that no two are alike. Some snow is red (see the Sahara desert), but most snow that we think of is white. Of course, most people know these facts, so I wont bore you with a drift of facts.

When those little flakes start flurrying down, it elates the spirit. It’s something one doesn’t see often (less you live up north), and helps break the feeling that nothing ever changes. Fact is that things are changing every day.

People fall in love. Friends move away. Families split up or come together. Loved ones die.

Each person is a snowflake, and when we realize this fact you see that we live out of the norm every single day! Take a look around you and see that variety is everywhere. Talk to a friend about how their day went. Wish a stranger that they have a good day. Take part in a spontaneous filming of that viral video Harlem Shake. But most important of all, cherish each person. Like a snowflake, they are bound to flurry on to some new place.Me

By James Kennedy


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