A decent stove for sure. Great review!



When you’re out camping, nothing beats a hot meal and perhaps some hot coffee, tea or cocoa. The problem: actually cooking up a mess that’s worth consuming.

If you’re car camping, no problem. Bring the most elaborate stove you can fit in your car or truck. And you can do a lot with a cookset and a campfire.

But if you’re backpacking, it’s a whole other problem. Weight and space become an issue, and campfire restrictions – or bans – are commonplace, particularly in wilderness areas.

There are a lot of camp stoves on the market that offer a good deal of versatility while providing economy of space and weight. Among the most compact is one that I’ve used frequently on camping and backpacking trips.

It weighs less than four ounces and fits in the palm of your hand.

OK, so the fuel tank is bigger than that, but you…

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