Lesson: Surgeons Knot for Shoelaces

If you’ve ever had a basic pair of hiking boots, then you’ve had this problem: the laces just wont stay tied.

4296578974_655113567c_bThe problem with hiking boots is that the laces are usually round. This means that we can’t tie them like any ordinary shoelace. Sure, you could, but then it’s gonna come untied a short while down the trail. There are some ways around this, like buying shoes that have kevlar lace up systems, or you can learn some new knots.

The knot I’m going to talk about today is the surgeons knot. This is a good, locking knot that will keep the shoelaces from slipping undone.

  1. Tie a left over right knot (like you would usually do for tying your shoe). Make the right side end in a “loop” by doubling it back onto itself.
  2. Take the left side and pass it around the back of the right’s loop.
  3. Continue with the left side around the front of the right’s loop.
  4. Begin to pull the left side into the hole that has been made (not the loop the the right side made at first).
  5. Continue pulling the left through the hole to form a loop on the right hand side (so the right side’s loop should now be on the left hand, and the left side’s loop should be on the right hand).
  6. Wrap the new loop around the old loop and feed it through the hole again (so be sure not to have tightened it yet).
  7. Pull the loops to tighten while adjusting to keep everything good.

The finished knot should be tight with a double wrap in the middle of it. Don’t worry if it’s not very pretty, because it is very functional.


By James Kennedy


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