What Do You Say?


In a interview I recently conducted I had the chance to talk with someone who is integrated with the outdoor industry and helping with trail upkeep and the like as well. He says that it is one of the duties of people in the outdoor industry to help maintain the trails and natural places that we all know and love.

I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is how exactly does one go about integrating the younger generation – the 20 year olds – in with this whole process?

It may be tempting to merely go out on one’s own after graduating college, to focus in on that entrepreneurial spirit that America has come to adore so much. That is all good and well, but it is important we don’t pass over those organizations that have been around for years, and some decades, already. It can be hard to get millennials mixed in with the older generations when there isn’t a lot of room available for those younger people.

There are two things that should happen:

  1. The older people need to take in the new generation and train them with how to run those organizations.
  2. The youngsters should find a way to be a part of the organizations that are already set.

MountainIt’s going to need to be a two part process – the young and the old working together for the good of the wilderness. It’s going to take getting out on those trails to help with the upkeep. It’s going to mean cleaning up after people who don’t care as much and leave trash all over the place.

Some organizations – like Outdoor Nation – award grants to people who take the time to organize cleanup projects and the like so they can make the most out of their dedication. If there are any major trails near where you live, check to see how you can get involved with the conservancy.

The outdoors is beautiful, inexpensive, and spiritual. It is up to the lovers of the outdoors to take care of her.

What do you say? How can we get more people involved with taking care of the outdoors?

On a side note, I’m already unbelievably excited for ORSM (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market).


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