Mexico Part II


Hotel Taninul


Cool unintended bat in flight in corner.

After leaving Ciudad Vicotria we drove to Hotel Taninul near Ciudad Valles. It is a resort hotel popular for its pools fed with naturally warm sulfur springs.

Back behind the pools at the hotel, there was a small cave that was heated with the same geothermal heat that warmed the sulfur springs. Because of the unusual warmth, many cockroaches lived in the cave living off of bat guano and dead bats. Walking back into the cave, the cockroaches were visually unsettling but it was the bats running into you that startled you. This picture to the right was as far back in the cave as I got and felt about 90F.

After the short caving trip we enjoyed the warm pools and the refreshments we picked up from the Modelorama earlier that day.


Looking up a pit right next to where we rappelled.

Rio Choy 

The hike to Rio Choy was over a mile along rail road tracks. We once heard a slight whistling sound and got off the tracks but it was just one of those trucks that has the special wheels so it can drive on the tracks. We did however hear a couple of trains pass by while we were in the cave and saw cut pieces of tasty sugar cane likely dropped by the trains. Getting close the the turn off for the cave we had to cross a short bridge.  image  Just inside the cave was a stalactite formation painted to resemble the Virgin Mary along with some candles and shrines below.  About 100 feet into the cave was a 220 foot drop ending in a river that was flowing out of the cave. The rope can be rigged so that you free fall only a foot or twenty feet. For the combination of me not being a strong swimmer and there being a strong flowing river that I would have to swim in, I decided to sit out this rappel. My girlfriend, Katrina, is a good swimmer and did drop the pit.



Good Bye 2012 in Huichihuayan

Every year our group visits Huichihuayan for their spectacular New Year’s festivities. This includes the best 5 peso tacos ($0.40 US) of pork, lamb, or beef, a live band with a transvestite that will try to dance with you aren’t paying attention, and a coffin of the old year filled with fireworks. At midnight the coffin is lit on fire and slowly burns from one end to the other as fireworks haphazardly explode and shoot out from it. A good time was had by all but went to bed early from the rappel and hike.


“Today is the day to avoid an accident. Others depends on you.” -at gravel factory near tracks.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos and narrative of your trip.

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