Product Review – Salomon XR MISSION



After having a terrible experience with another pair of shoes, these were a God send.

These are the lightest shoes I’ve ever owned. My previous hiking shoes have all been either the boot style, or low-cut hikers. Seeing as how thisĀ is my first pair of trail runners I may be giving them a higher rating than I should, but I’m going to anyways. Because honestly, I feel like The Flash when I put these on.flash_running_acrylic_cut_outs-p153074362440794317env3c_400

The MISSION protects your feet despite how lightweight it is. The toe bumper has saved my feet numerous times on the trail, and you can hardly feel rocks under your feet when walking. While the tread is not anything I’ve ever worked with (I’ve had quite a bit of Vibram treads before), I have no complaints. No slips on dewy grass or muddy trails when you’re trying to catch up to those hot hiker babes around the bend.

These shoes are also quite flexible (which I like). The only thing that I worried about was the pull-string system that tightens the shoe in place of traditional shoe laces. I’ve had no problems with tear on them thus far, and seeing as how I believe they are made from Kevlar I don’t think there will be any problems. The only thing that can stop me now is Kryptonite.

I’ve used these shoes for – hiking, backpacking, walking, running (trail and pavement), being awesome

Rating – 5/5


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