Know What Kind Of Zipper Is Best

My new years resolution is to start prep for an Appalachian Trail through-hike in 2014, and then to go do it. Apart from getting ready for the physical demands that the trail will have, I need to be sure that I have the proper gear. I started researching what I’ll need this past summer, and the topic of zippers really caught me.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably never given much thought to what all went into a zipper. The longest outdoor trips I’ve been on up till now have been no more than a week at most. In other words, I’ve been able to get away with whatever kind of zipper I happened to have.

I suppose I should clarify what kind of zipper it is I’m talking about. I’m referring to jacket zippers, rain jackets to be more precise. Take a look at these two jackets and see what the difference is –

This is a BAD example of zipper to hold out rain.

This is a rain jacket with the kind of zipper I'm looking for.

This is a rain jacket with the kind of zipper I’m looking for.

The jacket on the bottom has a storm flap to keep out the rain, especially when it keeps coming down without letting up. While on your basic three day outing to the woods, a basic rain jacket would be just fine. Seeing as how I’ll be living with my choice for months on the trail, I’m gonna need something a little more heavy duty. The bottom one would be my choice, despite it’s slightly heavier price tag.

The important thing to remember while shopping for outdoor gear is to think in the longterm. That $60 tag may look appealing, but will it hold up in the huge storm that just appeared over the horizon?


2 responses to “Know What Kind Of Zipper Is Best

  1. I also look to see the “YKK” is on the zipper pull, which tells me it’s going to be durable and reliable with frequent use.

    • Ah, good point! I also prefer “YKK” zippers. One of the best known companies as far as I know, and for good reason too. Haven’t had a bad experience from them yet.

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