Mexico Caving Trip I

We left Blacksburg in the morning of the first day and arrived in the French quarters of New Orleans for dinner. We ate at a place called Bayou Burger (rather expensive at that!) where grilled cheese sandwiches find their way between the patties of an already large burger. So, in other words, darn tasty.

On the second day  we left Bayou Burger at 1am and headed to Brownsville Texas. The bus crossed the Mexico border around 3:00pm and quickly drove through Matamoros while avoiding Christmas clown magicians (yes you read that right) and people in wheelchairs roaming the street (dunno where they all came from). We arrived at the Hotel Sierra Gorda a few hours later in Ciudad Victoria and ate at the hotel restaurant. Our hotel room is on the fifth floor so I think is my best picture so far.


Hope you all are well, and have a fantastic New Years from myself and James!

Be prepared to read about some creepy crawlers next time around,

– Earth Journers


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