Impending Mexico Caving

My family is scared for me and I’m even slightly nervous. This will be my second time leaving the US and my first time to anyplace like Mexico. The longest rappel I have done is only 200 feet, hardly anything compared to what’s in Mexico. But because of these things I am sure to have an adventure.

Members of the VPI Cave Club at Virginia Tech make a trip to the deep cave pits of Mexico every winter break. Rio Choy (~210ft), Cepillo (~400ft), Huahuas (~700ft), Borbollon (~700ft), and Sótano de las Golandrinas (~1200ft) are the main destinations. We will also visit some other above ground places such as the Teotihuacan pyramids near Mexico City and the Cascadas de Tamul. I would show you pictures I’ve found online of the pits, but you don’t want spoilers do you? I don’t know how much wifi will be available to me, so I ask for your forgiveness and will update you whenever possible.



2 responses to “Impending Mexico Caving

  1. have fun and be safe! You’re a good blog writer, can’t wait to see your next post. Love, Amy 🙂

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